Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fancy a nap, A-hole?

Babies are so funny. Their limited ability to communicate has parents everywhere utilizing desperate measures to give them whatever it is they’re in need of. Since it doesn’t take long to get to know your baby; a routine is quickly put into place. Sam, like clockwork, announces his imminent need for a mid-morning nap every day at 11:00 sharp. I’m still in awe at what an easy baby he is and am so thankful to have such predictable children. As long as I’m in anticipation of their not-so surprising mood-swings, and take appropriate action; we’re in good shape. Most days.

This morning I was quickly yanked from my daydream, as I attempted to make a banana bread, to the sound of Sam demanding his first nap of the day. The only other time he cries is when he’s hungry; it’s a little bit too easy if you ask me. I can’t help but fear a sudden transformation because, after all, they say a good baby will be horrible toddler (and vice versa). Oh, you’ve never heard that? That tidbit was shared with me dozens of times during Isla’s difficult stage. Interesting how something that was once so reassuring has suddenly become a source of anxiety. I try not to think about ridiculous things like that; although if “they” said it – it must be based on something (this sarcastic reference will make a lot more sense if you read my last entry).

Anyway, back to Sam and how funny it is that he needs a nap after being awake for only two hours. This abrupt change in disposition got me thinking: maybe some adults are stuck in this phase of development. And by adults, I actually mean A-holes. Yes, that’s right, I’m suggesting that maybe A-holes aren’t actually A-holes. Maybe they just need a mid-morning nap.

Mike and I joked about this concept after I secured Sam in his swing (the only way he’ll sleep during the day). We wondered what the ratio of A-holes were in Spain, where they have Siesta. Sadly when one googles Spanish A-holes + ratio, one might not get exactly what they're looking for (ha!).

That aside, it amazes me how similar we adults are to babies. In spite of Mike’s preference to not be mentioned in my blog; I have to tell you it’s like Jeckyl and Hide when he’s hungry. Just the same; if I’m tired, you could say that I morph into quite the A-hole myself.

What should we take from this? By acknowledging that the fundamentals of our personality are evident in babies, maybe we could intercept a change in mood before it happens. Go to bed early, eat every two hours, and include more fibre in your diet. If we catered to our own needs in a similar fashion to that of a baby, I think overall we’d be a happier and healthier society. Or, at the very least, there would be a few less A-holes running around.

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